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Commercial Services


Our Commercial Cleaning Services include many options for small and large businesses alike. Whether you need our floor cleaning services, parking lot sweeping services, restaurant cleanings or supplemental/temporary cleaning services, or even emergency COVID or Monkey Pox Response, the options can range depending on your specific needs. We’re changing the game. 

  • Experienced Teams 
  • No contracts
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Fair and Affordable Pricing
  • Wide Range of Cleaning & Specialty Services 

Specialty Services

Nowadays there seems to be a new Variant, Virus or Food Borne Illness outbreak all the time. When your facility or business is struck with one of these, Nationwide CCS is who you call. We’ve got the unmatched experience to handle all of these potential issues. In addition, we offer one off cleanings that many times are neglected. 

  • Walls and Ceiling Cleanings
  • Parking Lots and Exterior Facades
  • Monkey Pox – Small Pox – COVID 
  • Loading Docks
  • Restaurant Deep Cleans

Industrial & Municipalities 

We’ve helped out many Industrial Businesses stay open and operating throughout the COVID pandemic. These businesses trust us to come back time and time again when things onsite need some TLC or Emergency Cleaning Response. Government offices, schools and more trust Nationwide CCS daily with their cleaning and janitorial needs.

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Universities
  • Hazmat Cleanups
  • Administrative Buildings 
  • Military and Law Enforcement Facilities

Popular Cleaning Services

Loading Docks

Dont let your Loading Docks become smelly or unsightly. We perform thorough and detailed pressure wahsing for situations like these.

Floor Drain Cleanings

Floor Drains being ignored can lead to Health Department Violations and Gnats/Fruit Flies. Your Food Prep Teams Deserve better. 

Sidewalk and Exteriors

The Customers’ first sight is the exterior. We can help you stay on track and prevent unsightly sidewalks, facades and freshen up you outdoor spaces in no time!

Restaurant Deep Cleans

Grime and grease buildup and can bring odor and insects. Be proactive and dish out the best quality food without the bugs and stench.

Dumpster and Garbage Bins

Dumpsters and Garbage Bins on your property can invite Rodents, Animals, a number of insects and bring about unpleasant sights ad smells. 

Back of House - Walls/Ceilings

FRP Walls and Ceilings in your kitchens and food prep areas can be neglected & a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Boost morale with us taking the lead. 

Retail Services

Retail Chains like Target and Walmart utilize our services. From Floor Cleanings all the way to their Food Prep areas, we have the expertise you need. 

Quarry Tile & Grout

Back of House flooring in your kitchens can lead to insects, a Health Code Violation and poor morale in your Restaurant or Food Processing Facility. 


Need a hand or some tips that can change the way your facility operates, smells and feels? Get in touch with us at Nationwide CCS – we’ve got your back!

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