Coronavirus Cleaning Company – COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

24 hour response time to any location in America!


This is a fee for Retaining our Coronavirus COVID-19 Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service for small, mid size and large facilities about . This fee covers Equipment, Labor, Supplies and ALL resources necessary to properly respond to any COVID-19 Prevention and or Confirmed Case location. This Retainer fee is applied to the cost of your project. If your Project costs less than the retainer fee paid, the balance minus an administrative fee of $650 will be refunded to the card you paid with. If the agreed upon cost of the project is more than the amount of the Retainer you paid, a balance will be due. This Retainer for our Services is valid for 3 months whereafter you would need to pay the Retainer Fee again in order to continue to retain our 24 Hour Response Services for an additional 3 months.

Hire the Professionals at Nationwide Commercial Cleaning for our New COVID-19 Coronavirus Sanitizing and Cleaning Service for Schools, Libraries, Government Facilities and Commercial properties across America and we’re centrally based in Minneapolis Minnesota. 

The COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitizing Service we provide are suitable for Schools, Airports, Libraries, Hotels, Office Buildings and more. 

Contact us today for a specialized Coronavirus COVID-19 Cleaning and disinfecting service.

Heres a printable brief on what we do:

Coronavirus Stats Video Below

Coronavirus Stats

Coronavirus COVID-19 Cleaning Includes:

  • Air Disinfecting
  • ATP SWABS (before and after cleaning)
  • Common Points on hand contact Sanitizing 
  • Air Scrubbing
  • Sanitizing Hard Surfaces and more!

Specialty Containment’s and Quarantine Pop Up Facilities Available Too