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From COVID Disinfection to Nightly Restaurant Cleanings – We’ve got you covered!

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Some of Our Popular Cleaning Prices

This can range from Nightly Restaurant Cleanings to One Time Office Cleanings – So you can have an idea of what we charge for some of our popular cleaning services. 

Loading Docks - $100 - $200 per Dock

Dont let your Loading Docks become smelly or unsightly. We perform thorough and detailed pressure wahsing for situations like these.

Floor Drain Cleanings - $19 - $49 Per Drain

Floor Drains being ignored can lead to Health Department Violations and Gnats/Fruit Flies. Your Food Prep Teams Deserve better.

Sidewalk and Exteriors - $85 - $399 Per Location

The Customers’ first sight is the exterior. We can help you stay on track and prevent unsightly sidewalks, facades and freshen up you outdoor spaces in no time!

Restaurant Deep Cleans - $299 - $899 per Restaurant

Grime and grease buildup and can bring odor and insects. Be proactive and dish out the best quality food without the bugs and stench.

Dumpster and Garbage Bins - $49 - $199 Per Dumpster/Bin

Dumpsters and Garbage Bins on your property can invite Rodents, Animals, a number of insects and bring about unpleasant sights ad smells. 

Back of House - Walls/Ceilings - $199 - $899 per kitchen

FRP Walls and Ceilings in your kitchens and food prep areas can be neglected & a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Boost morale with us taking the lead. 

Retail Services - $499 - $1599 Per Store

Retail Chains like Target and Walmart utilize our services. From Floor Cleanings all the way to their Food Prep areas, we have the expertise you need. 

Quarry Tile & Grout - $499 - $1500 per kitchen

Back of House flooring in your kitchens can lead to insects, a Health Code Violation and poor morale in your Restaurant or Food Processing Facility. 

Consulting - $120 per hour

Need a hand or some tips that can change the way your facility operates, smells and feels? Get in touch with us at Nationwide CCS – we’ve got your back!

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Do you offer COVID-19 Disinfection Services?

Yes. Since the pandemic began, Nationwide CCS has emerged as the leader across the country providing small and large businesses alike with COVID Disinfection as well as Small Pox and Monkey Pox Disinfection.

Does Nationwide CCS offer Temporary/Supplemental Cleaning Services?

Absolutely! We understand sometimes you may be in-between cleaning companies, or have a staffing shortage. In these cases, we offer weekly or monthly cleaning services with no contract, until your business’ cleaning needs gets back on track. Call or Text us: 888-379-3478

How much do your nightly cleaning services cost per night?

Many of our commercial cleaning clients pay less than $100 per night. Of course this depends on the size of the space needing our services. Restaurants can pay as little as $49 per night, some offices we service only pay as little as $80 per night, some hotels that we service only pay as little as $90 per night. Larger facilities that may need multiple cleaners on site can pay $130 up to $400 per night. 

What areas or states do you offer your cleaning services?

We have a National presence. Of course we’re not in every state/city but we can make it happen. Whether your business is in Minneapolis MN, Tampa Florida, Mendota Illinois, Little Rock Arkansas, Utah, or anywhere in-between. Give us a call or shoot us a text and we’ll see how we can help you out if you’re looking for a professional, no nonsense Commercial Cleaning Company.

Does Nationwide CCS offer specialty cleaning services?

Yes, we provide many additional cleaning services. We clean FRP walls in commercial kitchens and restaurants, floor drain cleanings and sanitizing, high dusting in hotels, garbage bin and dumpster cleanings, loading dock cleanings, parking lot sweeping and debris pickup plus lots more! If you have a specific cleaning need that may be “uncommon”, call or text us 888-379-3478

Do you offer Day Porter services?

Yes! We have clients spread across our great country that utilize Nationwide CCS for their daytime cleaning needs. We monitor and take out trash, sweep and pickup trash on sidewalks and parking lots, clean and disinfect restrooms throughout the day, sweep and mop common areas in a facility, respond to emergency spills or unexpected accidents that require a crew as well as HAZMAT or Hazardous Material spillage.