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Nationwide Commercial Cleaning is now offering Parking Lot Sweeping and Debris Clean Up Services for Property Managers, Strip Malls, Apartments, Garages and Retail locations in Minneapolis – Saint Paul MN.

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It’s a given that businesses must maintain clean, sanitary interiors to retain customers and maintain a great reputation. But customers care about more than just what’s inside. A parking lot is the first thing a customer encounters before entering a business, and the state of this exterior space can encourage or discourage someone from coming inside. On top of that, a dirty, debris-filled parking lot can attract pests and rodents, creating a safety hazard for employees and customers alike.

Our Parking Lot Sweeping Service is ideal for:

• Retails Stores/Shops
• Convenience Stores
• Gas/Service Stations
• Restaurants & Banks
• Shopping Centers

• Department Stores
• Office Parks
• Event Grounds
• Sports Facilities
• Apartments & more!

A property’s high traffic and walkway areas require special attention during non-operating business hours in order to maintain a great first impression and general cleanliness of the property. Whether you need your parking lot or walkways cleared of leaves, branches, trash and debris or you need the cans empties throughout the property, Nationwide CCS is the only service provider for you. All porter services are provided during non-business operating hours. This way each morning you and your customers find the property clean and ready for all the day has to offer!

To make your parking lot sweeping experience easy and hassle-free, we offer regularly scheduled lot sweeping service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also offer one-time lot sweeping service for Twin Cities, MN area events and functions.