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Nationwide CCS provides unmatched kitchen cleaning services in The Twin Cities. Our Restaurant and Facility Kitchen Cleanings provide you business with a clean slate each and every morning your cooking teams come in.

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Having a clean kitchen helps boost morale and increase productivity. Your Chef’s and Line Cooks can come in a get straight to work rather than tidy up. Not to mention that they wouldn’t have to cleanup at the end of their shifts either!

Our Kitchen Cleaning prices are affordable and many of our Restaurant Clients in Minneapolis – St. Paul MN only pay as little as $60 per night of service (depending on size of the kitchen).

In addition we offer full scale janitorial services – Front of House Cleanings, Floor Drains Cleanouts, Floor Sweeping and Mopping, Vacuuming, Bar Areas, Glass and Windows, as well as exteriors!

Contact us today if your Restaurant or Food Prep facility needs our help!

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Restaurant Cleaning Services in Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota