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Nationwide Commercial Cleaning LLC offers the most comprehensive COVID-19 – Omicron Variant disinfection services in the Twin Cities Metro area. Our COVID disinfection is stringent and effective. If your business has an employee of guest that has been confirmed positive, give us a call or text immediately 888-379-3478

We can be onsite within the same day in most cases in Minnesota. A positive COVID case at your business can quite literally shut it down. Nationwide CCS will get you back up and running in no time.

Nationwide CCS follows all CDC recommended guidelines forCOVID – Omicron disinfection. Our services are affordable and extremely effective. If you are aware of a positive COVID Case in your business, you’ll need to have a company like Nationwide CCS in there immediately to lessen the possibility of spreading the Virus throughout your team members and guests/clients.

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Duluth MN COVID Disinfection

Minneapolis COVID Disinfection